Doe's anyone possibly have an idea on when the EVO will be in dealerships? The reason I ask is that the riding season only has a few months left and it's either buying the evo and waiting or buy the BionX and put that on my rover now.


  • They are at dealers now... at least those dealers who were wise enough to get their initial orders in early. The first batch of new EVOs have already been delivered to dealers. The second batch of new EVOs are now shipping. I recommend you call TerraTrike directly and ask which dealerships near you are on the books as receiving EVOs already, or very soon.
  • you will probably gain an interesting experience with a bionx - i suspect the rover derailleur hanger will not fit the bionx axle - least, my experience with various golden motor wheels.

    as far as testing one goes, probably a forlorn hope unless you wish to travel to terratrike. none of the trike-serious sites mention having an EVO. terratrike direct-order does have them in stock currently. considering the cost of a bionx alone is close to the cost of an electrified rambler, and if you like the ride of the rover, i would be ordering direct from terratrike.

    to compound the problem of testing at any dealership the summer trike clearance officially began a few weeks back [according to trek] and the lbs concern is to trim the old against acquiring the new.

    another issue on finding an EVO for test ride is the cost, same with the sportster as demo trikes ending up price-reduced for winter sales. equal problem with finding a rover x-8 to test, too low a price to provide any profit as a demo sale trike.

    the falco motor is claimed to be zero-drag when unpowered, something unique in the direct-drive motor world. conventional rear wheel designs become an issue on a pedal-home when the electrics crap out.

    meself, this moment, would not hesitate to grab an EVO sight unseen and not tested if electric assist is needed. if no like, you have still ended up with a very pleasant new steed. my humble, the all-terrain with a falco motor would be the ultimate trike.

  • No they aren't in dealers hands yet. Hopefully within the next couple of weeks.
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  • @Chonk, that sound of glass breaking in the evening as you are leaving work - just ignore it. It's just me coming to get an EVO ;-)
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