26 inch wheel on the traveler.

Could a 26 inch wheel be installed on the traveler. And still be able to fold up the trike?

What's the difference between a2016 traveler GT and a 2017 terra trike traveler 24?


  • Could try the Contact button up above and ask a TerraTrike Representative.

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  • When I stopped by Terra on Friday I asked that question. Yes it can be done but if you keep the 20in wheels on the front you are going to run the risk of heal strike more.
  • Greetings Edward,

    The Traveler GT has a 27 speed drivetrain, whereas the x24 is 24 speeds. The
    x24 has also gone through some frame updates. This model has a hybrid
    (bushing/bearing) headset style steering stack, whereas the GT has a
    bushing/bushing combo. This update allows for smoother/ more fluid steering.
    We have also gone from grip shifters to trigger shifters on our newer

    As for the warranty -
    Any of our proprietary TerraTrike parts (frame, seat frame, seat clamp,
    etc.) have a lifetime warranty, so long as you are the original owner of the
    trike. Any part(s) installed on the trike that are not TerraTrike brand are
    subject to their manufacture warranty, which is typically between one and
    two years. Of course wear items (bushings, hardware, etc.) are not included
    under warranty even if manufactured by us.

    I hope this is of some help.
    Please let me know if you have any questions.

    Gerrod Truckenmiller
    Customer Service Supervisor
    TerraTrike // 616.455.5988 //

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