I am so pleased with my new Terratrike......

.......that I had to stop mid-ride and take a photo of her.


Come to me, mon cheri'....let us ride off into the sunset, together....... :)


  • the more you ride, the more pleasing it can be. do this a bunch and a healthier old age is probable.

    good idea to check toe-in as improper setup can cause squirrel steering and a quick wearing out of the tires. you should be stable at 20 mph downhill once you learn to get delicate on the steering.

    brakes could stand deglazing before you start going down fast hills. run the trike up to speed and apply heavy brakes maybe a dozen times only in a straight line. this will accelerate cable stretch but get the brakes to max effectiveness.

    lbs should have told you to bring the trike in after 100 miles or three months for checking wheel true, adjusting for cable stretch, maybe redoing brake clearances. cable stretch both shifter and brakes to be expected with a new trike.
  • Thanks, and I understand on all, JamesR, except for the 20 mph downhill.

    Where I live, the only downhill is the far side of a speed bump. :)
  • Oh how I wish we had your problem......at least on the climb part of the hills. But we love the downhill side!
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