Racing Trikes

I profess the notion that people will race anything, from cars to trucks, to horses, to dachshunds etc. Just out of curiosity, are there any trike races?


  • AGREED!! I've wondered the same thing. I raced bicycles from '82 to 2008. Raced motorcycles from '71 to '82.
  • There is a group that does race trikes. They have posted previously on the Recumbent Trike F.B. page.
  • I have an ICE Vortex plus racing trike. I use it when I go on the advanced club rides when I'm staying at my place in NYC, mostly Central Park on sundays. It's definately faster than any other trike I've had or currently have but I must say it's definately the least comfortable and so scaryblow to the ground that it feels suicudal out on the open road. It's currently at my house in Arizona where I mostly ride it on the canal paths where there is no vehicular traffic. I plan to take it to my place in Europe next month where there are separate cycling lanes. We trained there for the 88 time trials . You can fly with no danger if cars not seeing you
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