Finally....24-speed Rover Tandem...

I first changed Our Tandem to an 8-speed (11-34) Shimano Altus Derailleur Rear Shift from a Shimano Internal Shift Hub...Next I've added an Efneo 3-speed Front Drive (28-40-50)...much more useable gearing, and a lot more fun now....!!!!!!... :) .....pc5nivd4jzcx.jpg


  • Still not a "Speed Demon", or a "Mountain Goat Climber", but still a lot of FUN....!!!!!!!!... :)
  • Just curious, how close to the front seat are the back rider's knees? There seems to be so much room but I've never seen one with both riders on the trike.
  • There's plenty of room...My Wife is clipped in the pedals in this photo...Your knees are nowhere near the front seat on Rover Tandems...:)....sl6qnsw3xy22.jpg

    Stoker (Passenger) X-seam Range: 31” - 42”

    Pilot: 29”-39.5”, 33”-43.5”, 36.5” - 47”
    [depends on boom length]
  • I thought there was way too much room between the seats. It's not that way on a 2-wheel tandem. But, if it's comfortable for both of you, that's great!
  • @skuuter, That looks like one sweet tandem!

    I've been interested in the Efneo GTRO 3-speed crankset since I first learned of it being under development. While the Patterson and the Schlumpf have had two speed internally geared cranksets, I believe the Efneo is the first internally geared triple crankset. I want to put one on my wife's 2015 internally geared hub (not Nexus, not SA, rather Sram G8) equipped Traveler. I am really interested in hearing all about your experience with Efneo - Also, where did you purchase it? Was it $500? Have you ever used a Patterson of Schlumpf (and if so, how does the Efneo compare)? Why did you choose not to continue to use your Nexus IGH with the Efneo? Would you don anything differently if you were starting over?

    I hope to convert my 2014 Bafang-enhanced Rover (Nexus i8) to a tandem once I find the right folding suspension trike to replace it. (my wife & I travel for 2-3 months most years, and we want to take our trikes with us. While I can currently fit both trikes in our 50 mpg Prius V, we then have room for little else. And while I am fairly confident that TerraTrike will have a suspension trike before the end of the decade (everyone develops one eventually don't they?), I'm not sure it will also be a folding trike. Either way, at my age, and level of impatience, I don't think I can wait much more than a year. But If @Chonk gave any indication that a trike matching my desires was likely to be developed and released by TT sometime in 2018, I would have to hold out for the TerraTrike offering.

    I would love to see your tandem setup, any chance you live in Michigan, or ever get up this way? I'm in East Lansing, but I would be willing to travel any reasonable distance.
  • TrikeBirder, I changed the rear to a derailleur to get instant shifts as needed, and I mixed and matched cogs in the 3-4-5-6 range so as not to duplicate and have more useable gears. On the Tandem the internal shift hub constantly got out of adjustment also, something that regular Rovers seem to not have an issue with...I'm familiar with the Patterson and rode a couple. I thought about getting one, but the efneo is a much, much better unit and solution in my opinion. Better shifts, more ratios...It was $450 at Recumbent Bicycles of Tennessee in Murfreesboro, Tn (Bobby Hanes)...We live in Estill Springs, Tennessee. We finally have a really great Rover Trike...fully TerraTrike Bags and Accessories and a great shift package...!!!!!!... :)
  • Which Efneo did you get, the 68mm or 100mm? I had asked them on their forum and they sent a technical question to TT to find out. Don't have the $500 to spend.

    What happens if you need service, do you send the whole unit back to Poland? Don't see any US distributors yet.

    ¬ ITL
  • IdahoTrailLizard, the Rover is idea on the Service closest Trike Shop (Recumbent Bicycles of Tennessee) is a Dealer for them...the whole system is pretty simple. Not much there to give trouble for a lot of miles. Well built planetary system...time will tell, but it has made an amazing difference in Our Tandem's ride ability...!!!!!... :)
  • So will the Efneo system work with the standard 8 speed internal hub?? Or would that be a waste of money?? It's too bad they can't make the external 8 speed and option from the factory.
  • The Efneo will work great with all internal 8s and/or external 8s. But a far cheaper option for the external 8 would generally be a double or triple traditional front chainring, since you have a dérailleur and external gears anyway.

    Trident Trikes (Tennessee), is a US distributer, and can probably do any needed repairs there. But, there are none to repair. Like mentioned above, there really isn't much to go wrong.

    I am of the opinion that most folks who buy a first trike are either, over the age of 50, or physically challenged, and often, like me, both. Frequently, and again, like me, those who purchase a first trike, do so without being a strong, or conditioned cyclist. And consequently, I believe, most new trikes sold are geared too high for those who buy them. They are probably just fine if you only ride on paved flat routes. Otherwise, the biggest complaint I hear from trike riders, and would-be trike riders alike, is they need/desire some lower gears. Utah Trikes claims to customize more trikes than anyone else, and they tell me 80% of the requests they get from new trike owners, is for lower gearing.

    To that end, I believe efneos would be impossible to keep in stock if, instead of just the equivalent of a 28-40-50 front chainring, it was also available with the equivalence of something like a 20-30-40 tooth front chainring. That way, the 32-38 tooth chainrings of basic TT Rover models, for example, would be slightly lowered in the middle, a set of much lower gears for hill climbing, and a set of higher gears for downhills, and maybe the flats, once we develop the conditioning to spin out (90+ cadence) on a 40 tooth front chainring in our highest gear.

    In my opinion, TT has two trikes with good, to great, gear-inch range for FOGs (Fat old guys/gals): The Rambler AT (13-79) and the EVO (18-90 plus, Electric Assist!). The minor issue I have with the Grand Tourismo is the gear-inch range (27-106 x16, and 24-116 x20). Less than ideal for us FOGs. And, it's also the same gearing as the Sportster. The rest of the TT fleet has a low gear of 19 to 27 gear inches. The TT fleet high gears range between 62 (Rover i8 Nexus) and 123 (Sportster SL and Traveler x24 w/26" wheel).

    Any current Efneo model would give riders of all TT models with a 38-42 tooth front chainring and a CVT (i.e. Nuvinci N330, N380) or IGH, roughly three times as many gears as they now have available.

  • I'm not sure I have seen a close up of the Efneo. Is it in the captain's position? If so, how do you deal with the difference in gearing between captain and stoker?
  • The Efneo GTRO is an internal triple crankset replacement, similar to the internal double cranksets from Patterson and Schlumpf, just with a virtual third front sprocket. It replaces your bottom bracket. So, this would go where the Captains pedals and crankarms are currently. The easiest way to deal with potential pedaling cadence conflicts is to install IPS, or independent pedaling system (~$300 from TT I believe). Basically, you handle differences between captain and stoker the same way you normally would handle potential differences.
  • there is no stoker gearing - captain and stoker cranks are tied together by the timing chain.

    the ips allows the stoker crank to freewheel - stoker will add to the pedal input only when her/his crankset is turned at same or greater rpm than that of the captain.

    patterson, efneo, schlumpf simplify both driveline and shifting synch between riders by using a geared single front chainring.
  • Much better said than my post.
  • I am familiar with all things tandem and tandem trike (we are on our 5th tandem and 3rd tandem trike). What I am getting at is that if the Efneo is in the captain's position, then when you change the internal gears of the Efneo, the stoker would be either pedaling considerably faster or slower in comparison to the captain. Yes you could use an IPS on the rear but then the stoker wouldn't be contributing if the efneo was in other than the 1 to 1 mode.
  • @xray - nature of the beast kinda thing. captain and stoker are always in a 1:1 relationship viz sprocket speed.

    traditional 3 rings driving are kinda primitive. patterson, schlumpf, pinion, efneo are single-ring variable speed devices relative to crank arm whereas the traditional is a single speed variable gearing relationship with the crankset.

    lot of good thought went into the skutter driveline design.
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