Hit 77 today

Guess how I am going to celebrate my 77th birthday this morning....... A 20 mile ride on my Rover, that's how. :)


  • I would have thought a 77 mile ride ;-)
  • Jrobiso2 wrote: »
    I would have thought a 77 mile ride ;-)

    In a heat index of 90+, don't think so. ;)
  • my 72nd is coming due. am contemplating a 5 mile ride on the rover to pick up some cake and ice cream after the sun goes down. too beastly hot and humid for daylight cruising until the end of september. october comes, decent daytime riding weather until mid april, save the night time for watching tales of winter snowfall elsewhere unless there is a full moon.
  • Need a dynamo hub on one of the front wheels to power a fan blowing on you all the time!
  • But JamesR, by then all those crazy college students are in town and driving. That could be more hazardous than the heat. I have the luxury of riding downhill in against ocean breezes on my way home. My concern now is I do a loop around the local high school that does not start until 9:15 am. It's cooler earlier but could be hazardous. I may have to put the trike in the SUV and ride on the barrier island. Most tourists are gone.

    Congrats on hitting 77! I turned 60 last month and hope to make it another 20. Think my Rover will last that long?
  • Ha! Knew you were old geezers! LOL ~ Grats on 77 revolutions around the sun!

    ¬ ITL
  • Congrats!!! In the OLD days I'd have ridden the number of miles my birthday was on my road bike. Being new to trikes and healing from femur replaced by titanium rod and added weight, can try for 10 on my next b'day!
  • with the miles Captainbob has put on his rover am starting to think a lifetime warranty was a pretty safe thing for terratrike to offer buyers.
  • Congrats on the Big 77! That's the year I graduated high school. My 59th is
    coming up but I still call myself 60.
  • Congratulations on turning 77 Captainbob! Imagine, statistically your life is over. Must be that trike of yours extending your life. Here's hoping you make triple digits in stride. :p
  • Belated Happy Birthday, Bob!
  • Captainbob wrote: »
    Guess how I am going to celebrate my 77th birthday this morning....... A 20 mile ride on my Rover, that's how. :)

    Dude, you are the man!
  • Happy birthday... and what an awesome thing to do for your birthday! I did they same when I turned 68 in June. Hope I am still excited about 20 mile rides if, and when, I make it to 77 years. You give me strength and encouragement. Guess I have another role model. Keep it up.
  • I'm searching for a place to ride my age this fall, probably in October.
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