Chain jumping off of rear sprocket

Hi guys. Up north at the cabin. Put on
the Marathons that came a few days before we went north. Always do the two side ones first as they are easiest. I left the shift cable attached to rear Nexus, one less step. Dropped chain off front sprocket to slide wheel off the back. Thought I put everything back on correctly. This pm's ride was on a gravel path. Almost back after 6 miles and chain dropped off in back, to the inside. Twice more and I gave up and walked Trike back. Twice more at cabin and I quit. Drove til I got a signal to pose this. Want to ride tomorrow. Can u help. Please. Those nuts in the drop out slot, does the tab face forward or back? I thought tubes may have turned inside causing this. ??


  • Could bent tubes cause this? I'm comparing mine to my wife's 2016 Rover. Mine aren't way out of wack. Just seems strange the chain always goes towards the hub. Five times now.
  • I am not shifting when this happens. Just hear and feel a 'clunk' then no resistance.
  • Sounds like the chain is too loose, and/or the rear wheel is turned to one side more than the other.

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  • dropping to the inside happens with loose chain. guessing axle slip was the culprit.

    the chain could be twisted. pinch chain between thumb and forefinger on the return side. twist left, twist right should tell the tale. long chain twisted runs ok - works that way on a cruz bike.

    torque washers - as long as the tabs are both in the same direction no problem.

    yeah - wheel needs to be as true as possible. gave up on pulling the wheel to tauten the chain. i run the axle all the way forward in the dropout, tighten the chain by slipping the boom. no axle slip that way.

    if you have an igh and no full-length tube on the bottom portion of the chain, lift the chain in the middle with a pencil, screwdriver, whatever. half-inch raised is excellent, more than an inch time to stretch the chain out.
  • Pushed axle fwd in drop out with torque
    washers to the rear. Pulled chain tight by the boom. Ran 1/2 mile and no chain drop. Tried to hit every bump I could to try n shake it off but couldn't. Thanks for the tip. :)
  • I use a torque wrench and adjust the axle nuts it to the torque specs of the hub ( in my case the Sturmey Archer 8 speed. ) The wheel will never slip in the dropouts and you won't ever strip the nut either.
  • On our way home now. Never had an issue on the ride Wednesday near Charlevoix/Petoskey. Plan to go back up in two weeks to trike Mackinac Island. Want to try the hill going up by the fort. Then downhill to British Landing. Wish our knees luck!
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