26" tire for Rover 8i

Can I install a 26" rear rire on my Rover 8i? I assume I would need to change the front sprocket to get similar gearing as stock? How about front tire size upgrades to improve ground clearance?


  • not on a 20-inch wheel. lbs could lace your igh in a 26-inch rim for around $200 - $64 in spokes, $20 rim, $60 tire, tube & rimstrip, $60 ?? labor

    20x3 kenda flames [makes for a 22-inch wheel] might raise the nose enough.

    you could maintain original gearing changing the nexus 16-tooth sprocket to 22 teeth [$8], keeping existing chainring.

    easy way to visualize a larger wheel is set the brakes, put the rear wheel on a 3-inch block. go up front and move the crank backwards to check clearance. kendas would give you another inch of pedal clearance.
  • Great idea JamesR! Go buy a 4 x 4 and set the trike on it. You could even return the 4 x 4 to the store when you are done. A 4" measurement on wood is only about 3-1/2".
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