A question about seat location fore and aft.

The Rover appears to be unique in that not only is there a lot of boom length latitude but also a lot of seat latitude along the frame. How does one determine where one places the seat on the frame? Do you set it back just far enough so that you do not hit the front crosstube with your legs when you put your feet on the ground? Is there an official TT recommendation?


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    • First measure your X-Seam. This gives a ball park sizing for the boom. http://www.terratrike.com/sizing.php
    • Second, adjust the seat to where it is comfortable, and your knees are above the crossbar/axles of the trike.

    After that then it is merely adjusting bit by bit till the trike fits the rider(s). Might be wise to mark where the boom was adjusted on the X-seam & the Seat with a colored permanent marker or something if used for multiple riders.

    Essentially, your knees are above the axles; boom is long enough to accommodate your legs and/or feet (some have big feet), and the seat should be between the front axles and the rear fork to keep weight more centered.

    This is more of a proper setting

    This is bad - Was the way it arrived from the bike shop I bought her from...
    ... the seat was all the way forward, which was unsafe, and the boom was fully extended.
    After getting help, from this forum, was able to get this adjusted more to me.

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  • Thannks. That makes sense to equalize the load on all three wheels as much as possible
  • You want your weight equally distributed on all three tires. The problem is who owns 3 scales to test it. You almost have to just eyeball it to make sure the seat is in the middle. Remember that the more your seat is leaning, the more weight that goes to the back tire.
  • And some of us lean back to the very last setting . . .
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    2nd hole from the last here.
    Feels better; legs are happy, dragon is happy. Shoulders just have to deal with it.

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    I recently moved up just one notch, to try and ride without that wheelchair cushion I was using (I just put on the new seat mesh from TT with the extra padding in it). It seems to have helped with the bottom seat tube ends poking my thighs, but time will tell.

    I hope I don't have to go back to the wheelchair cushion, as I then lose the airflow from the mesh material under my butt.
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