Rear cargo rack install???

OMG, to say the directions to install the rear rack are bad, is a MAJOR understatement. I was a tool builder for 15 years. These instructions are about 10 percent complete.

Anyone know of a page, or you tube video that has better instructions on how to put this thing together?


  • I bought a cheap one at Walmart. It was easy to install!
  • Is there a more affordable rack for a Rover?
    Local Walmart had nothing. TT's is pricey. Trying to find something shorter for the 20 inch wheel yet economical in price.

    ¬ ITL
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    I hate to be the bearer of bad news but racks for smaller wheels are very "rare". The only real ones I've found are made by or for folding bicycle companies and RackTime's Foldit Fix The RackTime can be found for around $25 US.ukf0p5lelr3b.jpg
  • I put the rack from my df on the Rover. Sits on an angle sloping back. Bought
    wife one of TT in May when we bought
    her 2016. Had the one sitting doing nuthin so I made it work. Pannier and my insulin cooler bungied on work fine
  • Well, I got it installed, thanks to a few people showing me pictures on Face Book TT owners group.

    The welding job on this rack was flawed. The rack itself was ok, but 70 bucks retail for 8 bucks of metal, weld, and a powder coat job? With instructions that need to be rewritten by someone who knows what they are doing.. I really expected something better.
    Also got the cargo bag, and found out, the Velcro strips on the bottom, front and back are too short. 2 items, made them work but seriously, am a bit disappointed in the quality of these items for the prices being charged.

    And yes, I know the one pic below has the bag on backwards. I assembled this thing at 3am.. took pic's at 8 after I got a quick nap in.

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