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@IdahoTrailLizard - your pardon, sir, but the altitude of your cargo rack is frightening. for a seat all the way back on a 20-inch wheel

Okay, I looked the item up which is $10 cheaper than the TerraTrike version. Is it a better rack option? ~

Have a Bontrager 26 inch wheel cargo rack currently, and there is mounting area on the back of the cargo rack for lights, in which I have a Cateye Reflex 560 back there now.

Checked the local Walmart. The only cargo rack they had attached to the seat tube ... which does no good for the Rover.

Are there other options for a 20 inch wheel cargo rack?



  • I used the one from Walmart. I just put a strap between the seat frame and the rack. A bungy cord would work also. It doesn't go anywhere. I like that it is well below my seat and has plenty of clearance with the 24" wheel.
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    I recently bought the Tern Cargo Rack myself, it sits just a bit more then 2cm above my fender at it's lowest setting on my 20" wheel compared to around 14cm on my previous 26" sized rack. It is rather nice but it won't work with all panniers, I had Banjo Brothers Waterproof Panniers before that used open hooks on top and a loop on the bottom to mount but had to buy new ones to use with it but I needed to replace mine soon anyway. If your panniers use a locking hook design your already good. Also you MAY have to remove the rear wheel to install it. I think it's worth it though, better design then TerraTrikes offering.
  • my humble, tern appears a better quality rack than the bontrager deluxe which seems a better quality rack than the terratrike. might be other 20-inchers out there, dunno. looked a long time, consider self lucky to have tripped over the tern while looking at nyce wheels.
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