My Kind of Biking Event

Sounds like a good event for the whole family. My daughter-in-law and I are going to try it. My only concern is the sunsets at around 7:20 and this event should go to 7:30 and we don't have lights on our bikes. Guess that will be the next investment!

If you are nearby, come join us!


  • @Florida_bound - if you were to gift your son with your current steed, you might be interested in a tree-climbing comfort cruiser replacement for $650 f.o.b. gainesville.

    wide seat, wide handlebars.
    patterson crankset
    20x3 40 psi tires up front, 16x1.5 scorcher mounted on a nexus-8 wheel.
    2 mirrors, the new low-rider cargo rack, regular cargo rack. toss in a flag or two if you wanted.

    spend another $50 for the patterson 32-tooth chain ring and $8 for a 16-tooth nexus sprocket and you would have a range of 18-87 gear-inches and a son who would find you waiting at the top of the hill and on the flats asking you to slow down a bit - 15 mph on the flats at 60 rpm..

    just picked up a year-old sun ez3 usx-hd barge from an older chap with medical problems who discovered after two rides he wasnt able to pedal more than two blocks, kept in garage, factory fresh [assembly by the local schwinn shop left something to be desired which is being addressed at the moment].

    increasing paranoia over daft 2-wheel sidewalk riders along with having 4 trikes and a trailer in a small apartment has me thinking n-1 time.
  • You are a wheeler-dealer!

    I will never go back to 20" wheels, ever. I would be interested in the wide seat. I was considering buying one from Terra Trike but the $200 price tag is scary. I am having pain in my left hip and it seems to worsen after a ride. I think the seat frame is causing pressure in the joint.

    Once my son gets here after completing his training, we could travel to Gainesville and look at what you have available. As a matter of fact, I am going to a birthday party in Ponte Vedra on 1 Oct. Gainesville is just a short detour. We'll talk later!
  • Come to find out, it was NOT my kind of ride. There were about 100 people in all age categories. Instead of riding on a beautiful road that goes along the bay, we rode through some very seedy neighborhoods. I started out in the middle of the pack and worked my way up to the front. When I got there, I found out they were holding the pack back. They wouldn't go any faster than 5 mph. We were cruising down a hill and I had to ride the brakes to keep from running over them. Those on 2-wheelers couldn't keep the bike going straight because they were going TOO slow! I usually average 5-7 mph but that's only because I have to stop at a million stop signs. And, I actually stop unlike most 2-wheelers.

    I really wanted to enjoy this ride but when you have bikes all around you weaving back and forth, I felt it was dangerous. I much prefer riding with only a few people or with other trikes.

    There were 2 ladies there who just bought Rovers from Gator Cycles in Gainesville. I really wanted to get their names to meet for future rides but didn't see them when we got done. Oh well! I'll look on the Terra Trike map to see if I can find them.
  • Contact Gator Cycles and see if they would pass your contact info on to these riders. They might contact you that way.
  • I love the Rover in blue. All I got were some stickers to put on the trike. I threw them away!

    I will probably be visiting Gator Cycles at the end of September. I'm still having problems with the Patterson Crank not wanting to change gears.
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