Serial Number

I think I found it--maybe. Does it look like FE123456? Hard as hell to read.


  • Is it in front of the rear tire where the bars split?

    The lbs where I bought my Rover also put the serial # on the sales receipt.
  • Yes! I think I got it. No serial on my receipt, unfortunately. Have to send to Insurance Co for coverage. Why is this so difficult? You would think when you buy a new trilke, this info would be front and center. Like my coffee pot.
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    Serial numbers are best in hidden spots in case they get stolen. If it is brand new, flip it over or stand it on it's nose. TT puts a paper with serial number and barcode underneath the chassis too.

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  • I hear you. But why is it when you $1200 -$1500 on a new trike you don't get a manual, any documentation, or a serial number? There's something not right here. Doesn't the bike shop get this info when they take delivery?
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    It is not right they did that, no. Hope they at least adjusted the trike to fit you, or at least to get you started.

    What did you get? Contact TerraTrike (Top Right button) and see what they can do, and tell them the name/location of the store.

    Had a bad experience with a shop in La Grande, OR too. Did get a serial number, manual, stickers, and a receipt. The trike was assembled - albeit not correctly.

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