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    When measuring chains you should only measure 1 foot if the chain is stretched more than 1/2 the width of a pin it should be replaced. So measure from the middle of a pin and if the 1' mark on your scale is not at least touching the ending pin the chain is stretched. Cassettes or rear sprockets will usually last through two chains. Cassettes will usually jump when one of the cogs is worn and then the whole cassette should be replaced. Chain rings will last through 3-4 chains. I believe a standard TT trike takes a bit less than two standard 116 link chains. I normally get around 4500 miles on a hollow pin 10 speed chain so if you keep your drive train clean I would expect 10,000 miles or so from an 8 speed trike chain.

    Of course you can replace at shorter intervals but if you keep things clean why waste the money.
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