Sudden Weather Change

I don't know what happened but we are predicted to have a week with no rain and temps between the 60's and 80's. It looks like most of the country will be dry until the hurricanes hit. Anyway, I'm going riding!


  • Those meteorologists should find a new career.
  • They did. Now they are Climate Change scientists.
  • This could be bad, hope it turns out to sea.
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    feels wonderful in north central florida! 15% humidity, maybe a record low? 75 degrees just before noon. usually have to wait until december for this kind of pleasantness in this area.

    i dont see the weather types commenting on what is probably record low humidity in this state. same with the reality of evacuation advisories - if you live within 10 miles of the coast or a river best to leave - otherwise, the winds can find you any place east of the mississippi.

    if interested in past tracks of florida hurricanes:
  • Jamesr, do you have a good place to hide from the storm? I heard the governor telling people they don't need to leave the state so I guess many will be heading to your town.

    It was so nice out, I did a 10 mile ride. That's the furthest I've gone since moving here. Then I picked up a healthy lunch at Tropical Smoothie and drove to the beach to enjoy the view. This is an awesome place to retire. Even if the hurricane were heading this way, I have a choice of three ways to evacuate instead of just one. Best move I ever made!
  • Just saw a man on TWC that has been
    thru 15 storms. This will be 16. Think he was in Hollywood FLA.
  • figure if the roof goes can always pedal over to the va. have seen a coupla homeless types show up there for early morning showers, reckon they could stand another. no gas, no problem. had to smirk as i pedaled past the circle-k yesterday and saw all their pumps hooded, a note on the door saying they had no clue when they were getting another fuel supply. +1 for trikes!

    maybe 15 years ago was in a trailer in gilchrist county when we got hit with back-to-back hurricanes. kinda awe-inspiring to be inside one and watch the roof ripple in 70+ mph winds.

    spent a month in homestead as a volunteer at a salvation army distribution center after andrew. no water or electricity there for 6 months, left when the traffic lights started again and no longer had to shower from a 1-gallon water jug.

    evacuated the keys [islamorada] about 40 years ago. winds followed us up to ocala, got one of the two rooms available in that city.

    if i lived down south of lake okeechobee would get a least 10 miles north of it. everything below that is reclaimed swamp and might end up that way again. the 70+ year-old earthen dike, built after everybody in the area drowned in a previous hurricane, is not in good condition.
  • I've got a 4'x5' sail with carbon boom and mast for my kayak you could mount to the boom of the trike and sail away !!!
  • probably the right size sail for a rover. sturdy enough boom, shouldnt be a problem mounting a socket for the mast. its been done:
  • That Whike, did you see that front wheel wobbling? Bet that sail really beats those wheel bearings bad! Rear wheels were on a cant, probably to keep the trike more on the ground.

    I like this one better, the Pterosail, as it is on a tadpole trike. He went from coast to coast in this video and seemed quite popular with LEOs. ;)

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  • Good old US 90! I try to avoid it and take I-10 instead.

    Glad he said he sailed and triked across the country because it looked to me like he did more sailing than triking.

    I would like a sail for my kayak. I had seen them in the past but could not afford one.
  • Even using my paddle like a rudder/keel I still sideslip across the surface.
  • On a note of sudden weather changes... last week we were still baking in near triple digit heat. Then something changed... it's been in the 70's with lows down in the 50's.
    Had the windows cracked open last night and got a surprise chill this morning. Was almost looking for a second cover! Next week, and my 3 days off, it is supposed to rain!

    So we've gone from baking heat, to cooler temps, and next week's rain will be in the 60's! Then it's expected to warm up again. What is up with the weather?!?

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  • We're in Yellowstone N.P. now and it has snowed all day.
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    Stay warm! /brr
    43° F and dropping this morning. Had to turn the heater on as it is 13° colder than projected.

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  • I was just going to tell IdahoTrailLizard that I thought snow was expected. I hated living in the midwest because it could be 40 in the morning and 80 at dinner time. You never knew how to dress. The temps are much more stable here which is why I was surprised in the first place. Oh well, my favorite season - fall, is here. It will be in the 70's to 80's until almost Christmas!
  • Was near freezing this morning. No riding to church for me, today.

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