Seat side mount system by terracycle

Anyone use their mounting system that allows you to have a bag right at your side ? If so, do you like it ? What kind of bag do you use? It looks cool, but it's a bit spendy, I've been giving it a lot of thought.


  • I have one with a Arkel bag, and two water bottle cages on it. Here is a pic of it on my Traveler.
  • Many folks have done something as simple as using two aluminum angle bars (the kind with lots of holes, to save weight) across the frame under the seat and then mounted plastic ammo cans on the ends. Viola! - two boxes, very little weight. Insulate as needed.
  • Think would rather have the bags behind the seat more, even then they would stick out wider than the front wheels.

    If your trails have poles that are barely passable on the front wheels them bags are surely to get caught. And taking tight corners around obstacles, mailboxes, light poles, side bags would cause an issue of clearance.

    Guess it all depends upon where you ride as to what obstacles you may encounter. Out in this part of Idaho there are LOTS of obstacles and barrier issues. 2¢ of input.

    Was going to see about mounting side cargo containers to the Low Rider Rack if and when I ever lose substantial weight. If using a rigid cargo container lights could be mounted there as well.

    ¬ ITL
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