shifters ratting

I ride a 2017 Rambler and I recently replaced the front 2 tires with Maxis Hookworms (110psi). I don't mind feeling every small bump in the road, but my gear shifters do. Does anyone have any tips on quietening them? I can ride with my fingers resting on the shifters (stops the vibration), but sometimes I need my hands to do other things!


  • Which shifters do you have? I have the Microshift XLE's on my RAT never any noise out of them.
  • I have Hookworms to..dropped them to 80 psi, I found my brake lock pins rattle not my shifters
  • What do tires with such a high psi do for your ride? Will the higher psi protect against flats?
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    Most tires made for less rolling resistance and higher speed usually have less flat protection because they are thinner and tend to run high pressures.
    There also is some thought that extreme high tire pressure isn't that necessary. A lot of the rolling resistance is dependent on tire construction, profile, tread or no tread, tire to rim sizing etc..
    A lot of tire decisions are more of a placebo type scenario. It works for him and it works for me but does it really ?
    Currently I have Duranos mounted and run mine at 85-100 psi dependent on that days ride. I have not had a flat this year but we do not have a lot of flat producing debris on our trails.
  • Capt bent pole, you ever solve your "rattling" problems?
  • Still rattling away, but I can usually just ride with my index fingers on the brake-locking pins and my thumbs on the shifters. Concerning high psi tires... I am questioning their benefits. I am hoping to get some Duranos, but I will keep riding on my Hookworms for now. I think it is a better workout :)
  • So is it the shifter or the brake locking pins that are rattling?
  • There are some screws that hold the shifter together. Did you lose them? My case is about to fall off because I lost a screw. I can't find a replacement so I just deal with it.

    Have you tried using duct tape to secure it? Rattles drive me crazy too so I would try anything to make it go away.
  • I will go check right now!
  • Damn! FB got me all excited, but the screws were still there are tight.
  • No problem with my shifters rattling, but my left front fender was rattling something fierce until I took a small soft rubber ball and wedged it between the fender and the handle bars. Now, no more rattle!
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