We are home after our trip to the north country. Took our trikes to the Island. Handed out the remainder of the TT
bizness cards. Made it up the Fort St.
hill. Wife did not. Next hill neither of us did. Had to push em up at the mid point. Downhill was 20 mph. Saw a two wheel recumbent. Someone was
renting fat wheel trikes, with single tire fwd. Slept well that night, 14 miles total
for the day. Only $10/Trike on Sheplers.


  • Saw a man with an upright near Petoskey. He used a seat for 20 years. One pad for each sit bone. He had to be in his mid 60's. I just rode my DF around the block. First time since April. Weird feeling. Could be the Tylenol I take for arthritis pain too. :)
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