Recumbent Roof Rack

I designed the rack & its fabricator had specifications checked for road worthiness (deflection & strength) then built it. Construction is of aluminum I-beams, Thule roof rack components, u-bolts & nuts. We transported our assembled tandem recumbent trike to Florida, northern Michigan & locally until my health led us to transport it inside our SUV. The rack is available for purchase for its $990 materials cost.

The rack is designed so that the trike rides backwards on the car rooftop. T o load, the rear wheel of the trike is first lifted on to the downwardly-angled center rail from the rear of the car. Then, the front of the trike is moved closer to the car & lifted to place the front trike wheels on the outer rails as the rear trike wheel is guided to the cradle at the front of the center rail.

A top view, below, shows the center rail cradle for the trike rear tire (to the left) & angled downward (to the right), so the rear of a trike need not be lifted to the full height of the mounted rack. The front tires rest toward the rear on the side rails. We used velcro tie-downs to secure trike wheels to the rack. The rack is reconfigurable to enable transporting two single recumbent trikes &/or other cargo.


Available on request via email are a car-mounted view taken in Florida & a center section top view that shows details, including mini-ramp doorstops, which enable easier trike loading, car roof mounting towers, which secure the rack to the car, & U-bolts that secure the I-beams to the Thule roof rack bars.

Please contact me @ home 1-248-549-1421, by cell 1-248-635-2191 or email

Stan Harris
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