Seat Bolt Nut

Earlier this week I felt my seat was moving on my TT Traveler. Looking at the block clamped to the frame, I could see it had not moved. Checking the bolts holding the seat, I found they were tight. But grasping the seat, it would rock back and forth a tiny amount. This was what I was feeling. After unbolting the seat I found the set screw holding the seat bolt nut in the block was loose. It was at least two turns loose, and it had blue lock-tite on it. How could that happen?

I put everything back together good and tight. Riding yesterday, everything was fine, Riding today, I now have a noise from the seat, and I am sure it is the nut. But both the set screw and the seat bolt are tight.

Does anybody have any thoughts?


  • Grade 8 (or maybe metric-class 12.9) Nylock nuts. Not all locking nuts are the same- see
  • Thanks, TrikeBirder. That is a good idea but a nylock nut won't work because the nut used in the seat block is special. It is hex shaped about and inch long with a shoulder cut into it for the set screw to sit in. I don't see why TT did this configuration.

    Now that I have thought about this for awhile; I'm thinking some wear occurred on this special nut while the set screw was loose, and some tolerance has been lost. I'm thinking about using the special filler type Lock-Tite on the hex portion of the nut to take up tolerance lost. I'll decide tomorrow when I take it apart and see where the wear is.
  • You might consider ordering a new nut and bolt directly from TT and keep tightening and working on your current setup until it arrives. Good luck!
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