Shifter cable Routing

Just bought a 2017 Rover i8 Shimano and was wondering why the shifter cable on the right hand side curves over to the frame instead of following it. It just sort of dangles in the air. Might changing it to a tandem shifter cable be better allowing the cable to follow the frame? As it is now someone could sgtep on the cable and ruin my shifter.


  • Did you buy it from a dealer? Sound like they didn't put enough ties to hold it in place. It can be adjusted as long as the path to the back is straight.
  • actualy seems like the cable is too short. Was a dealer, they have sold quite a few every year.
  • I'd take it back and have them fix it. I ruined a shifter cable because my leg hit it with every pedal stroke. Plus, TT wants you to bring it back within 6 months for an adjustment.

    Does TT send shifter cables with the trikes? Does anyone know?
  • yup.

    i found both brake and shifter cables too short for my liking

    used tandem housing and cable cut to length on both rover and rambler. zip ties secured cable in two places aft of the seat so it could not be moved if accidentally tugged on.

    if you have rear cargo rack, protect the cable by securing it to the inside of the rack mount. didnt care for the terratrike chaintube mounted to the frame so i floated mine - of the opinion doing so makes for less noise, wear and tear.
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