Cold-Weather Heat Recycling Mask

Does anyone have a favored cold-weather mask they use when out riding on cold/cool days/nights?

Am in the market for one after a chest bug I had earlier in the year. Seems when the temperature drops to 66° F or below the cold weather can induce asthma-like issues.

Have been online looking at various masks, and reviews bounce back & forth a lot. So wondered if anyone in TerraTriker land has one that worked for them - or ones that did not do so well.



  • We use a balaclava when the temps dip severely while cross country skiing. It doesn't take much to preheat the air you breathe.
  • I fould a balaclava that is solid with a small patch that is mesh through which I can breath while keeping my nose warm. I don't know the brand but I'm sure they're available on Amazon. It's a stretchy nylon type material.
  • I understand the wanting to protect your lungs.had pneumonia for 4 months this year. When I used to commute in colder weather no matter what I wore condensed water vapor from the exhale caused my glasses to fog up. Something smaller, shaped like a surgical mask that form fits over the nose and mouth would be optimum for me. I see a lot of motorcycle riders wearing half masks, even in the summertime. Skull print on the half mask would be up to the wearer.
  • The Mask is a neoprene item that wraps around the head and fastens with Velcro. Keeps skin warmer. Fogged up my glasses wether skiing or snow blowing.
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    Not worried about keeping the skin warm, more of the breathing in & out. See a lot of masks that have an inlet blocker of some sort, yet no ports for exhaling on the sides. So poor design on their parts.

    Maybe I should try and contact my old fire boss. He had some Kevlar masks we used when firefighting our last season that we could work comfortably in, blocked the smoke and ash from getting in the lungs, even blocked the heat from singing one's whiskers. Expensive they were though.

    From our last Montana wildland fire. Dave & I were testing them out during a flare-up.

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  • Home depot. Side-exhaust dust masks, inexpensive.
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