Change in Cycling Frequency

While the long Indian Summer here, I have been spreading my exercise time between cycling once a week, kayaking once a week, and cutting the grass as needed. It has helped to lessen the pain in my right knee. The tendon might be healing or I stopped doing whatever irritated it.

Only riding once a week, I seem to be able to ride further. I'm also finding where I can zigzag through parallel roads. When the wind is blowing off the ocean, this is very helpful. Today it was 58 degrees when I left the house and mid-60s when I got home. It is so much nicer to ride in cooler temps, but not too cool!


  • "Indian Summer"? To me, 58 and 60's IS our summer!
  • We usually have 6 months of spring and fall. I spent my first New Year's Day here in 1993 on the beach with 70 degree weather. But, I also remember going to the Naval Aviation Museum in Pensacola in November when it was 50 degrees and rainy. You just never know but I am very glad to have the warm days when they come.
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