Terra Trike RAMBLER X30 in New Jersey

edited October 2017 in Classifieds
Ok, top of the line Rambler X30. MINT Condition, very low miles. $1500. White, orange accents, Mirrcyle mirrors. I also put on peddle extenders. Not a nick or a scratch. Cash or PayPal, will not ship. Located in Middletown, NJ. 07748 lives in a heated garage. Soon as I can figure to load pictures they will be put up. For now I put an ad in Jersey Shore craigslist with 16 good, close up pics. You can email me Jerseyhawg@aol.com or pm me here I guess. I just joined this site yesterday. The trike is just over a year old, questions, please ask. You will not be disappointed.

Why am I selling It? Am 65, had a few strokes, it's tough to negotiate the height getting on and off for me. Need something higher.

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