Wind trainer, winter in the NE USA.

The riding season is just about over for eastern Pa. I used to ride outside up until early Dec but no more. So the trike goes into the cellar until spring. Used to have my Easy Racer on a wind trainer so we could ride when we wanted to all winter long. Sold the 2 wheel recumbent, now have the Rover. Wife asks me well what about the trike?
Problem with wind trainers is they are designed for bikes with 26, 27" wheels. 20" Rover wheels no go.Very few 20" wind trainers out there. TT sells expensive rollers. I have a wind trainer which I have used for 20 years and it still is smooth and sturdy. What to do?
So this morning I had a vision. Remove the resistance part of the windtrainer, attach it to a 2× 4 board, attach the board to the windtrainer frame. So I did. This works really well mostly because the resistance unit is spring loaded. Other windtrainer's use knobs to move the resistance part into the rear wheel.
So for the princely amount of $15 I now have a dedicated 20" wind trainer. $5 for some galvanized strapping to hold the board to the frame and $10 to buy a different quick release skewer that has a solid steel nut and thinner steel lever. The aluminum quick release that comes on the trike will not fit the windtrainer.
And yes I could have bought a 26" wheel, tire, innertube, rear sprockets and different rear skewer but I like my $15 mod.


  • Smart thinking
  • Thanks for that idea. I have a fluid kinetic trainer but would rather sit in my Trike than my 27” Diamondback.
  • Good job! I have the trainer TT sells and I really don't like it. It just doesn't feel the same as riding outside. I recently started going to the YMCA and use a recumbent exercise bike while there. It feels more realistic but I still miss the great outdoors. Still better than a regular exercise bike!
  • Well done. Very well done.
  • I like your mod to. Looks good and cost effective. Thumbs up to you.

  • I have the trike on the trainer to assist setting up the derailleurs. Works nice. The Big Apple rear tire is kind of noisy due to the tread design but that was expected.
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