Recumbent visor

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Hey, I found a nifty way to get a longer visor on a bicycle helmet-perfect for the laid-back position of the recumbent rider. Check out SPECIALIZED spare visors for BMX bike helmets ... 0&eid=4952 I got this one, I easily attached it to my helmet with three zip ties! The visor is approximately 6"x6", and sticks out from my helmet approximately 4". Perfect for those rides that head into the sun!


  • Here is one I got that I found out about on can get small velcro squares at home depot and velcro it to your helmet, and it blocks the sun from hitting your face , especially your nose, and is very light. They make as model for Recumbents which is longer. The web site is kind of confusing,so I just called the company on the phone and ordered it. Cost about $15 plus shipping.
  • Finally got a picture of my helmet with the long visor
    It works great for heading into the sun
  • It may not look as professional as that awesome visor, but I saw a bike riding couple on who made visors using the plastic from school report covers. You could punch holes in that material for attaching the plastic ties. This couple had great success with this method, making bright yellow visors for only a couple of dollars, after experimenting to get the shape just right. Might be worth a try.
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