Suggestion for Terra Trike

Most of us have made modifications to our trikes. It would be great if we could upload pictures of our mods to your website. That would give other riders and Terra Trike ideas about how to make the trikes better.

My Rover is so modified now, I couldn't buy a new stock trike and be satisfied. But, I love the modifications I have made.


  • 100% agreement. I changed out almost everything on my new Rover except for the wheels and frame before 1 mile on the road.
  • You CAN upload pictures. Just click the little icon that looks like a piece of paper.
    Jeff "Chonk" Yonker
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  • But the pictures are spread over lots of listings. How about a separate category?
  • Just start a thread in General Discussions titled “Post your Trike (pictures)”. If this forum allows stickies Chonk could make the thread a sticky and it would always be at the top.
    John Werner
    Rover Tandem
  • How about "Post Your Mods, Tech, innovations, Ideas" ?
  • Problem about trying to keep posts on topic and in order is impossible. Seems everyone goes and derails the original post and runs away with it. God knows I've tried a few times to keep things in topic for someone else to come along and derail it with a comment that should of been put in another post.
  • For example here is a sticky "Post your Bike" thread that was started in Nov. 2005 and currently has 1700 posts.
    John Werner
    Rover Tandem
  • iambent wrote: »
    For example here is a sticky "Post your Bike" thread that was started in Nov. 2005 and currently has 1700 posts.

    I used to be hot and heavy into ihpva years ago. Including bike building. Over the last 10 years I stopped following it and took it up again when researching trikes and now modifying my new Rover. I hop scotch ed thru the above messageboard. Man, brings back many memories of unattainable and unaffordable bikes and trikes. The best part of the messageboard is the huge variety of bikes. Our group would be a lot narrower in scope, a lot of more of the same thing another day. It would still be interesting and there are a lot of clever mods done by TT owners. So where do we go from here?
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