Finally Got to Ride a Rambler All Terrain

Today in Murfreesboro, TN, I was able to ride the All Terrain. I am delighted with the trike and will definitely be getting one after I am back home in Maryland. If I had the space to transport the trike in my RV, it would be mine now. Unfortunately I don’t so will have to wait. My Traveler is traveling with me on this trip as it folds so nicely. I want to give a big Thank You to Bobby Hanes of Recumbent Bicycles of Tennessee as he was so gracious even though I could not buy today. His shop is like a toy store of trikes and I saw Ice, Catrike, Greenspeed and Trident trikes. I highly recommend him and his shop to everyone.


  • one has just come up for sale used, I think it is in NJ. Guys name is Steve Bernstein on Recumbent trikes group on facebook.
  • I saw that he was selling. I won’t be home until after January 1 so can’t get one until then.
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