Selling my Rover I8 its only 4 months old.

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Reason I'm selling it is I need to go a bit faster. I want to upgrade to a Rambler 30 speed. There is nothing wrong with the Rover it helped me loose 30 lbs. I will sell it with out the upgrades, or with the upgrades, $1000 - $1450. Upgrades are front and rear fenders, LED lights, cargo rack with expandable locking pack, 2 rear view mirrors, new seat upgrade, compass bell combo, bike computer, and spare tire and inner tube. I'm located in the Dallas, Texas area. Make me an offer!


  • I think you need to try some mods before you give up on it. The Rover is an awesome trike. Some have put a 3-ring crank on the front. I went from a 32T to 38T ring and got additional speed.

    To me, 15 mph is the fastest I want to go. I only average 7 mph now because I have several stop signs per mile I ride. But, my goal is to enjoy the ride and I never try to compete with the DF riders.
  • I have had mine to 20 mph, albeit for a
    very short time. A lil scary. The feet were a blur. How fast do you want to go?
  • Not that I want to go all that fast but I would like have the option to. Especially during bike events for charities. These events are not races but rides for enjoyment. Not looking to be as fast as the bikes but just not as far behind on the 20+ mile events. 20 MPH on my rover is a lot scary! 12 is about where I max out with the rover. I believe I could up that with the GT or Rambler. I'm not going to get much more speed out of the Rover by upgrading it unless I was to do an electrical assist. I don't want to do that.
  • A 28-38-48 Front Chain ring will do that (cheap). You could spend a few more bucks and put a shifter on it but not necessary just to try. You simply grasp the chain tube and shift the chain onto the bigger/smaller chain ring. A $35/15 min upgrade on an 8xt. More complicated on an internal as need a chain tensioner
  • You are never going to be as fast on a trike as you would be on a bike.

    There are a couple of reasons for this. Probably the most important, the trike is heavier than a bike would be. But you also have more contact with the road with the third wheel. Also, even though you are more reclined, a trike has a larger frontal area to be overcome.

    Probably the most important reason for this is the engine itself. (That's the guy with his feet on the pedals.) Riding a trike uses many of the same muscles riding a bike does, but they are used differently. Until the muscles develop the memory and capability to maintain a given RPM on a given gearing, you aren't going to be able to hit the speeds you expect to hit.

    Just a change in trike, without a change to the engine isn't going to magically make you faster. (You may pick up 1/2 MPH with a lighter frame.) You need to work on the muscle groups used to move the trike, to get them in better shape. And when you get them into shape, the speed just kind of increases on its own.

    The "speeds" on a bike/trike don't equate to the speed it's capable of. You may have a higher range with a 24 speed than on an 8 speed. But unless the "engine" is capable of turning the pedals at the same rate, you aren't going to benefit from the added range in gearing.

    I really suggest you take a look at a good gear calculator. is a good place to start. What this gear calc doesn't do is factor in the drag of the third wheel, nor the increased cross section a trike has. What it DOES do, though, is give you an idea of how gears are stepped, and give an example of the speed you might be able to reach, for a given pedal cadence.

    It's your call if you want to spend another $1500-$2000 on a new trike. But have realistic expectations. It won't make you significantly faster without some work on your part to make the speed. Forget how fast you are (or aren't) and just work the engine. Work on cadence, so you can maintain roughly 90RPM for extended periods of time in a given gear. If you are already doing that in your tallest gear, then it may be time to look at a double or triple front crank. For a heck of a lot cheaper than a whole new trike....
  • rover with the same gearing as the rambler will go just as fast. easy enough to add more gears - a MoonTimber or poweron post if you fancy a triple up front, patterson, efneo, schlumpf if you dont.

    at the backend, assuming you have good knees, a sturmey xrf8w wheel will do wonders in the speed department, especially if coupled with a patterson.

    any case, as elrique says, if you are not running out of pedal on the flats, more productive to work on improving the engine.
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