Kurt Kinetic Indoor Smart Trainer

Just got everything hooked up - about to take my first virtual ride using Zwift! Trainer fit my rover great with the small wheel adapter - one bonus was the adapter now comes with new shorter legs to put on the main trainer as well so instead of being raised 5” as I expected and would have to raise the front wheels way up - with the new legs it is only 1.75” off the ground.


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    magicmikecat - My current indoor training setup for my TT Traveler is SportCrafters progressive rollers, a speed sensor on the rear wheel, a ANT+ USB mini-stick in the laptop, and Virtual Trainer from Rouvy for the app. This doesn't offer any feed-back to the rollers to change resistance (they are not smart rollers), but for the time being it keeps me peddling during the winter months, and I have something to watch while doing so.

    My future plans are to upgrade to a setup such as yours. When you get some riding time on this system, I would be very interested in what your likes or dislikes might be.

    I would also be very interested in more details about your setup. I have looked at the Kinetic Machine/Smart Control on their web site, but not sure how everything hooks up. I am guessing the smart unit generates all the speed and resistance data, and that in turn is sent to the Bluetooth device such as a smart phone. I would prefer to use a laptop. Can the trainer be hooked to one? (I couldn't find that answer on the Kinetic web site.) Also, ANT+ is not available on this trainer. In DC Rainmaker's review of trainers; his opinion was this is a mistake for Kinetic to not use either Bluetooth or ANT+. Just wondering if you had any thoughts on that.

    I look forward to your thoughts and answers.
    Thanks, RonIA

    Note - I since learned there is a USB stick that will work with Bluetooth on a laptop. I think this might let me use a laptop, but I'll need to confirm.
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    Note - I have also learned this Kinetic trainer can be hooked directly from it to a USB port with a cable. Again, this would mean a laptop could be used. Also, this cable is intended for commercial use where connectivity is a problem, not necessarily for home use.
  • I rode it for the first time last night using Zwift and it was great! The resistance changes based on whether you are going uphill or downhill. On the uphills the bikers were consistently passing me - (I believe there is a way to "cheat" the settings where I can at least be comparable to the bikes on the game if I want to mess with the settings in the future). My Trike has an internal hub and there are 2 bolts that stick out about 3/4" on each side. The Kurt Kinetic cones that came with it fit perfectly - they sell other cones and promise to work with you to get you the right fit. I will attach a picture of my back wheel in the next post.

    The DC Rainmakers complaints I researched into --- a lot of it depends on what you want to use your smart trainer for. My main goal was to use it with Zwift and Zwift has compatibility with Kurt Kinetic (as well as all the other top training programs) so it wasn't much of an issue for me. I also have an iPhone SE so I was just using the Bluetooth and no need for the Ant+ so I haven't researched much into that. It connected to my iPhone immediately. My iPhone is then plugged into the TV to cast the screen onto it.

    Also, even if you don't have/use a Smartphone - you can get iPhones fairly cheap (Walmart has a brand new iPhone 6 for just over $100 on Black Friday) - even if it is not connected to a carrier you can still use it with wifi and Bluetooth. Again I am sure there is a way to connect to a laptop - I just never looked into it.

    The big thing is all Kurt Kinetic trainers are 20% off right now on their website through Cyber Monday! Some of us got lucky when the sale first started and the website gave people an additional 20% off (I got the Smart Control unit for only $365 with no tax or shipping!) Any other questions would be happy to answer! Hope to make a quick video soon.
  • Thanks for the information and photo. Like you, I think there is probably a way to hook to a laptop; its just there is so much stuff available, and its hard to make a decision.

    I like the Kinetic units; they appear to be strong and solid, have a heavy flywheel compared to some, and have been in business for a while. I really like the addition of the shorter legs included with the small wheel adapter; keeping the bike as low to the ground as possible. The SportCrafters rollers raise the rear wheel 3-inches. Not terrible, but enough.
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