Using computer indoors

Has anyone changed their sensor to the rear wheel for use on an indoor
exerciser?? If so, how did you go about mounting sensor close to spokes? Thanks.


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    Wireless sensor mounted at rear wheel indoors and outdoors for three years.
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  • I used a 1/2" wooden dowel between the sensor and the frame. My unit is a Cateye Strada wireless; very similar if not the same as in the photo above. I made the dowel longer than the width of the sensor so I could attach it using multiple wire-ties. I used two on the sensor as you normally would, and cut slots in the dowel opposite of the sensor so it would lie flat to the frame. Then wire-tied the dowel to the frame. Sounds like a lot of work, but I only spent 20-minutes fabricating it. I only use it indoors. If I used it outdoors; I would use some inner tube rubber between the frame and dowel to increase friction and prevent road vibration from moving the sensor.

    Hope that makes sense.
  • The one I showed is a cateye padrone sensor. It has never moved.
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