T.T. black Friday sale

25% discount on all T.T. accessories. See website.


  • Thanks for the heads up!
  • Time to order that wide seat. 25% will have a significant difference on the price.
  • I am $$$ lighter now. Forgot 1 item though :'( , but really like the savings. Wish it was more often.
  • I’ll wait til Monday afternoon to see what I absolutely don’t need. Warmer in MI Monday n Tuesday. Going to get the Trike outside again. Vicki is missing riding. Her blood is finally thickening from years in FLA.
  • I can honestly say, I didn't need anything, but have been wanting for awhile so....................I splurged, just a little. :)
  • I opted for the comfort seat cover rather than the wide seat to save a little money. I have enough spare parts lying around, I didn't need more. I also bought another flag. They are so awesome!
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