Getting My Cruiser Today

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I finally am going to be getting a Terratrike today. I have been wanting one for a year and after test driving the Rover a few weeks ago I knew I had to have one. Sold my Burley Canto recumbent last week to get the extra money that was needed. I test drove the Cruiser on Saturday and decided that was the one that I wanted as it felt faster and I liked the gearing options over the Rover. Going to get the stock model for now then want to upgrade to thumb shifters and the 26 inch wheel option eventually.

Looking forward to a lot of riding with the reamining days of summer and will push into the colder months as long as possible, I live in Iowa. I need to lose some weight as well because I am a desk jockey at work and I have trouble getting into working out at a gym. I am sure this purchase will help me a lot as I know I will ride more and burn some calories.

Will post my first impressions once I get it in my possession and start enjoying it!



  • Went to the store yesterday and purchased the bike but did not get to pick it up till today. Thanks to Dave at Barr Bike here in Des Moines for making sure everything was setup right. The bad news is the oppressive heat here today with heat indexes around 102 and a lot of humidty. Standing outside and doing nothing I am still pouring in sweat 5 minutes later. Despite the heat I took the trike down the street a few times to try it out and loved it as much as I did at the store. Tons better then my Burley Canto recumbent. I love not having to worry about the balance aspects of 2 wheel bent riding and the shifting on this bike was super smooth, easy, and quiet compared to the Burley. The Cruiser is also a lot lighter and it will work fine on my Saris Bones trunk rack with my wife's hybrid bike.

    Overall very impressed with the quality of this bike and looking forward to some longer rides in the future.

  • I share your sentiments about the heat, humidity and flash floods that we have had recently in Central Iowa. I did get out for a short ride with the wife on Saturday. Try to find a shaded trail that is not covered with water or mud. I have found that the Raccoon River Valley Trail between Adel and Redfield is fairly flat and the depot in Redfield is a nice place to stop, socialize, buy a snack before turning around and heading back. Just make sure that you have your trail pass. I look forward to seeing you out and about.
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