Can you stop?

Ever wondered what's in the guts of a disk brake caliper and differences between Alhonga and Avid BB7s. After 15000ish km one of my Alhonga calipers on my Rover failed. After driving for a week with only one brake (developed nervous tick) did an update. Being a cheapskate I tried that first. Not a good idea. Here's the gory details:


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    My TT Rambler GT had BB7s as well as the 559 and the Dumont so I've never experienced any other kind of brakes. I've never had any kind of braking problem with the BB7s. They will stop you right now! More on that...

    I did have a strange scraping sound when taking fast curves on the 559 and there seemed to be no problem with the mechanism. And then one day I decided to remove those yellow reflectors which reminded me of a $99 ###mart bike. Lo and behold the scraping went away which told me that those reflectors, being wedged in the spokes, were causing the wheel to deform under stress on the turns causing the brakes to make that scraping noise.

    On the TTRGT I had a special needs person pull out in front of me on a three wheeled bike while I was going 15 mph on a downgrade. I could only chomp on the brakes or T-bone him. The rear wheel hopped, the trike crabbed sideways about 15 degrees, I skidded but missed him by a gnat's whisker. He looked at me blankly and rode one. The adrenaline rush was incredible and I gave thanks.

    On the 559 a car pulled out in front of me across the path from behind a hedge and stopped. I was going 10+ and had to clamp on the brakes. The trike hopped and gently rolled to the side with me gently rolling off of and away from the trike. The car sped away as I mentally traced the ancestry of the driver. It was a cold day and due to wearing many layers I was not injured. There were a few minor minor scratches to the 559. The BB7s did their job.

    Lessons? With the former I could have done nothing in that situation. The latter made me much more vigilant when I rode. Now I'm much more aware of the path ahead and I make no assumptions. One thing I do know is that the BB7s were there for me every time!

    The BB7s are strong and sure. Because they are so strong I've learned how to feather them knowing they will lock the wheels if I'm not careful; however, know that they will do the job.
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