Cargo Rack Bag (Quality and Value)

Cargo Rack Bag

Will pick up my Ramble AT tomorrow, having dealer add a luggage rack.

Was wondering about a good quality Trunk Pack or bag, (sit on top of the cargo rack). Bags carried at my Trike dealer seemed very good quality but pricey, maybe $ 60 and up. Would like a bag that would hold its shape, carry a pair of size 12 men’s shoe in a pinch (think a bag a little bigger than a shoe box), plus a tire tube and a small selection of compact tools (to change tire and tighten most any loose bolt). If there is a popular go to bag out there, I would love to know about it. A specific brand and model would be the most help.

If I just need to bite the bullet and pony the dollars for a quality bag from my trike dealer, It would be good to know that also.


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