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Got thinking about this today riding in the car. The biggest complaint with bikes and trikes seems to be comfortable seating. Comfortable seating is such a personal thing, your seat is good, mine bad and visa, versa. She likes hers, he doesn't. Mine is soft, yours is hard.

Think about a comfy chair at home. You have many options once you're in that chair. It may even recline. You can move your leg and feet, arms and hand whenever you want. You can wiggle your butt, sorta raise in momentary or bend at the waist to pick up the TV remote. Now think of an airplane seat, very limited and uncomfortable because there is little adjustment or movement allowed. On a bike or trike you're also somewhat limited. To begin the seat may not be the most comfortable due to design. Yes you can move your feet and legs but it's in a frequent repetitive motion, your arms and hands are somewhat stationary except for waving and an occasional finger movement to shift or brake.
So where am I going ?
Bike/trike fitment
Out of the box your trike will need adjustments. Seat to pedal or inseam is probably the most discussed but the measurement isn't necessary firm, surprisingly a slight change of one half ich can improve riding comfort. Hand grips are another area that can be a problem and again a slight up/down or in/out adjustment is amazing in results. Seat adjustment is mostly in the recline position and changes there can significantly alter your core position and pedal efficiency. The key in any adjustments is small changes and ride for a period of time. Moving a boom and going around the block twice will tell you nothing. Moving the boom and riding twenty miles will. Experiment with every component that can be adjusted but one change at a time and try it out over a period of time. I have one handle bar adjusted differently then the other, the difference is slight, hard to notice but it sure improved my left wrist comfort. I notice a significant difference in the recline position also. There is one setting that's very comfortable but compromises my core strength and I cannot ride distance in that position. If I raise it one notch I can ride stronger and longer but slightly less comfortable.
Pre/post ride stretchingg.
Lets face facts. We're all old, older or really old. We have aches and pains from a variety of events to include injury, illness, surgery. Riding a trike is a physical activity and like many other activities requires some loosening up prior and after. There are all sorts of thing a rider can do to make themselves more comfortable by stretching a few minutes and then ride. Once you're done stretch again to loosen from the position you've been in while riding.
Those of you that load your trike into or onto a vehicle should probably stretch prior to doing that. There's all sorts of stretching exercises on the internet.



  • good, sound advice!
  • Agree with all above... despite the relative new info that says there isn't much to be gained by stretching. If it feels good, do it!
  • For the "trikes" Don't forget The Terra Trike "Wedge". I know there are some mixed reviews but I really like mine. I was a lot more comfortable with it. Money well spent :)
  • My before stretching routine amounts to lacing up my riding shoes...
    My mid ride stretch is usually getting off the trike to pee and get an ice cream.....
    My post ride stretch/exercise is typically a barley pop.....or two! :)
  • Sounds like a good routine!
  • @Bozo50 My eyes misread your last line . . saw barley pop as barley poop. Which of course is itself an exercise :-)
  • J.....the poop, well sometimes...
    Aside from the ice cream and beer, I find myself eating far less as a direct result of the trike.....thus I am full of poop less often, although some friends may disagree!
  • Self propelled. Bottle it for those uphill
  • i was pedaling past the line of gas pumps at the local convenience store. guy calls out - "what kinda mileage you get on those things?"

    me - "bout 50 miles per burrito"
  • Lmao. First thing I read this am...there must be a way to harness this power and turn it into energy, for the Trike.
  • LOL!!! Only thing is, my wife is downwind on the tandem! :D
  • Nice article with sensible suggestions. Thanks for sharing.
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