Comment disappears!

I just posted a reply to this thread:

Then I had to edit it to correct a couple of misspellings. After this edit, the post disappeared and the site flashed an error message about my comment being visible after it was approved. As this seems to happen to a lot of posts that get edited I thought I would pass this along so troubleshooting could take place on the scripts the forum runs.


  • I haven't seen it yet. But, I edit my posts before I hit the Post Comment button.
  • edited January 28
    probable unacceptable character in the post.

    took awhile to discover using square brackets caused the same response for me - using parentheses was the cure. no problem using the squares at bentrider.
  • I've not tested this, but in the past, when it has happened to me using the Preview feature, it was ALWAYS when I tried to use the Preview function more than twice. Maybe @chonk can knows, or can find out and inform us all.
  • I see several comments by Elrique64 so I'm unsure which one he is referring to.
    I can tell you I have not deleted any posts.
    FYI, we are working on a new site and most likely will have a new and improved forum as well. This one is open source and has its limitations.
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  • I've been bitten twice by the "Comment Swallower". I carefully wrote a comment, previewed it, edited it (maybe more than once) before posting it. After posting I found a boo-boo and went to edit it... Whamo! :o , it disappeared causing me to use some rather interesting language! Now I write my comment in a word processing fill before copying it into here. I learned my lesson the hard way. :)
  • Chonk
    Would suggest in a new forum, the search function have ability to search only the title of the post for a word or a phrase rather than the whole post. Too much repetition if it searches whole post
  • @Chonk has already said that they are looking to replace their forum software. Currently it's an open source one and I guess it's not doing what they want.
  • Well, lets say its just very basic and limiting.
    Hoping to have something a little more robust - and a few other tricks/surprises we have up our sleeves ;)
    Jeff "Chonk" Yonker
    Marketing Dude @TerraTrike

    You miss 100% of the shots you don't take - Wayne Gretsky
  • Always keeping us guessing...
  • Best trick would be for the online parts catalog to be . . . complete? Easiest example I can think of - no place to buy brake pads form the Alhonga brakes on my 2016 Rover. just "Zoom" and "BB7" pads from what I recall.
  • TT Corp has those pads. Just call them. 616-455-5988 and ask for Joshua.
  • Will do. Thanks. I suspected as much.
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