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I bought my Cruiser recently, now I am looking to personalize it with accessories.

Things I know I want are headlight/tail light, bike computer, a carry bag (for id, keys, etc.), hydration device (not just waterbottles).

Options that I am considering (so actually looking for someone that already has them and their feedback), wheel covers (not sure if that is the right name, its the plastic/fiberglass disks tha cover the spokes), rack, panniers and new pedals (clipless or otherwise).

I have on the rare occasion felt my foot "bump" something while pedaling, I am not sure if it is the chain or the sprocket itself. Is there a crank that has a bit more angle pushing the pedals out a bit?

Looking forward to the replies.


  • there are a number of items worth lookig at. 1. flags 2. at least a rear fender. 3. a rack is good 4. knee savers. they extend your pedals away from the crank. 5. mirror. 6. parking brake lever

    on my trike i have 2 flags, head + rear lights, parking break lever, full fender set, rack, bags + paniers, a cycle computer, knee savers and powergrip pedals. i'm not sure how much of a benefit wheel covers offer, but if wind resistance is an issue, look into a faring and or tailsock.
  • I have the parking brake (set of 2), rear mirror (1 left side), knee savers (25 mm), clipless peddles (eggbeaters), camelbak (100 oz) that fits perfectly in the seat back webbing, headrest (just added and should have had it from the start), 26 inch rear wheel upgrade, rear fender (a must if riding in wet weather), a cycle computer mounted to a "T" bar. Have not found a need for the fround wheel covers even in the rain. Flags ( I fly 2) are a must and a rear flashing unit helps visibility, I do not ride at night but have a front facing flashing unit for use if it gets dark or riding in the rain. With the seat back bag I have not needed a rack, I carry everything I need in the pack. Hope this gives help and/or ideas.
  • For safety make sure you have Clipless pedals or Powergrips as a minimum.
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