Where was it held last year? And, any GRR riders about? Are the Millenium Park trails a hilly adventure, or relatively flat?


  • I went up there last year,the rides were relatively flat. Now if you want to be crazy you can attempt the hill climb challenge. I did that also and the first thing i did was get into the hot tub at the hotel after getting back.
  • Fastest time to climb? What did you win???
  • Didn't they cancel the rest of the hill climb after the first few riders?
  • How big a hill? Was this at this Millenium Park?
  • I think the park name started with a J?
  • John Ball Park-zoo?
  • No there was around 8 of us that made the the climb. It was about a mile and half climb. We all got a gift bag full of stuff.
  • Johnson park
    Jeff "Chonk" Yonker
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  • What's the date again?
  • July 28th. Last Saturday.
  • Peanut-was that climb out on the road-
    Wilson road/street? Or somewhere in the park? Wilson has a hill going north
    that I have driven.
  • I think the hill climb last year was within the park, near the main meeting area. Paved.
  • Yeah it was not that far from where we were at. On the downhill part we came past the pavilion that was near where we were at.
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