So I finally got around to installing my new front twincam rings thinking we should have some better weather ahead. The forecast is to get appx. 10" of snow tomorrow. We're headed to Mexico April 16th so I think the ride will sit until we return. Riding using the indoor trainer has lost the appeal it once had. Frustrating winter !


  • Hope you enjoy Mexico. Sunny and 75 here!
  • Snow has been added to our forecast here for the next three days, with Wednesday not above freezing. Rode M,W,Friday last week. Not til next week I’m afraid now. :(
  • We actually got snow last night and this morning in New Jersey. Frankky, were all sick of it. Come on Spring!

  • I'm feeling badly about the 80 degree ride I'll be on about 5:00 PM :-(
  • Southbound wrote: »
    I'm feeling badly about the 80 degree ride I'll be on about 5:00 PM :-(

    I need to ride early and get home by noon when it's predicted to hit 80 here in Tucson. We've had some unseasonably warm temps this Spring. Summer may be an absolute #####! :p
  • Do you have an umbrella rigged on your seat somewhere? My cousin in PHX comes to MI for three months of summer. Hubby stays there to work. He should retire by now. An MD that visits the locals on a reservation. First Nation, is that correct?
  • Because of my Anglo-German ancestry I have to be careful of sun exposure. I wear white tops and compression pants. My white helmet has a good visor, I use a white beanie, and a neck gaiter which I can pull up over my face and nose when I'm riding into the sun. When it starts to get warm I saturate both the beanie and the neck gaiter with water. In this dry climate they act like an evaporative cooler. I've learn to cope with the climate. B)

    One difference between Tucson and Phoenix is that we have lower humidity than PHX and we're at a higher elevation. Yes it's hotter than h@## here in the summer, but I get by. When it's going to get really, really hot I ride from sunup to about 1000 or 1030. :o Such is life in Southern Arizona.
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