Best Type of Trike Trailer

Is it better to have a 1-wheel trailer that connects to both sides of the axle or a 2-wheel trailer that connects at one point? If you have the 2-wheel trailer, where do you connect it? Do 24" wheels affect your decision?

I'm thinking my puppy will not get large enough to run with me and a trailer would allow me to let either or both dogs ride which would allow me to go further on each ride. I'd also get much more exercise while pulling them.

What do all you experts think?


  • GM Florida_bound, Riding the Loop System around Tucson I'm seeing more and more pooches along for the ride. All that I've seen, except for a Chihuahua in backpack looking over the cyclist's shoulder :D , have been in two-wheeled Burley trailers.

    I would think a two-wheeled trailer would be the best just in terms of stability and easy handling. Somehow the idea of one wheel bothers me. If the dog were in the trailer I don't see how it would be easy to hand maneuver the trailer. I also wonder about stresses on the trike from a one-wheeler loaded or not.

    So, I vote for the two wheel variety. :) Burley makes about the best trailer on the market and I see them being used for children and dogs. There's my opinion. B)

    BTW, there is another manufacturer called Wike that makes trailers of different types.
  • The 2-wheel attaches at one place and the 1-wheel attaches on both sides. I would think that would give it stability. But, that is why I asked the experts.
  • Problem is the load can be outboard of the wheel on a single wheel trailer leading to a side load placed on the trike also. Two wheel trailer will be easier to maneuver when disconnected also.
  • Would love to try one for our African Grey parrot, Kamaiha. I don’t think he’d survive the trip. Too much movement,
    activity going by. He likes the security of his cage. Now if he sat in a pet carrier that was lashed to my rack, he’d be closer to me and hear my voice easier. He DID sit on my hand while I rode to the back alley and adjoining parking lot last summer. Never flapped a wing. Anyone see parrots riding?
  • Perhaps a 2 wheel trailer with 2 connections and a pivot between the bike and the trailer? Does anyone make such a thing?
  • Check Amazon online, there are a bunch of trailers available.
  • have yet to find a trailer designed specifically for a trike. search google images for pet trailer to get an idea of the various flavors available. 20-inch wheels to 24-inch trike wheels shouldnt be a problem.

    had a bob, didnt keep it long. miserable experience trying to uncouple it with a full load. its hitch is designed to lean the trailer into a turn behind a bike so the bob fights an upright trike axle doing corners. good idea to have spare hitch pins when towing a bob with a trike.

    two-wheel trailer hitches, on the other hand, are designed to twist when a bike makes a turn to avoid dumping the trailer. one of the claims is that you can dump the bike while the trailer stays upright.

    have my eye on an ikea sladda trailer at the moment. looks like it could be easily tied to a burley piccolo rack to make an ultra-stable gooseneck rig, my idea of a proper trike trailer.
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