• edited April 13
    Looks like it should cover all repairs. Good choice.
  • Nice! I also bought a folding metric hex kit from Lowes. The one I got at the LBS did not have a 3 mm which is what you use to attach most components. It works well!
  • TCEd- hope you have left Michigan cause it’s going to git uglee!
  • Flying Monday, hope the worst part is over by then.
  • Was hoping you were out by now. We r to get sleet/ice down here. All white up your way. My uncle wants to go to Vanderbilt for turkey hunt in a week. How much is on the ground now where
    you are at??
  • About 5-6inches this,morning, more in forecast
  • Enjoy your snow. We will get high winds, thunderstorms, and possible tornadoes from the same system. I'll take snow any day!
  • We’re targeted for freezing precip o’er
    night. Terrible traction for the Rover.
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