chipped paint out of the box

Hello, just received delivery of a gold GT x 20. Sadly paint chip right on the top cross member of the y. Grrrr...brand new and I see it when I get in and out of the cockpit. Having trouble finding paint to match for touch up. Just bummed is all. Contacted TT and of course they do not carry touch up paint. They suggested I contact a local paint company and get a match. Just spent over 2400 and now I have to pay more to get touch up...just crazy...anyway, any of you know of an alternative than stickers and decals? Thanks for the read.


  • Have her name pinstriped over the chip. We all name them, right?
  • Chonk gave me numbers for making up the Rover blue so we could try and paint my wife’s helmet to match. I’m sure they could give you the particulars if you ask.
  • Thank you for the replies. I appreciate y'all!
  • So you had it shipped to your locale?
  • Finn59 wrote: »
    So you had it shipped to your locale?

    A local bike shop special ordered it for me. Bike shop claims that's how it came out of the box. Sadly no way to prove otherwise.
  • Chonk, any chance you can advise on the paint code for sparkly gold paint on the GT?
  • If I ordered a new car that came in with a chip in the paint, I'd make the dealer either fix the paint or replace the car... I think I would do the same for a trike. But that's just me. Maybe phrase it to the dealer as you choose - fix the issue and have a good thankful loyal customer, or refuse to fix it and I'll tell everyone I know to buy their bikes at a dealer that stands behind their product, and tell them you will voice your displeasure all over social media... then follow through!
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