Gran Toyrismo wanted.

Good day..Im looking for a Terratrike Gran Tourisom for sale new or slightly pre-owned? I recently was award it is a grant from challenged athlete foundation. I had a stroke about 8 years ago. I currently attend Rancho Los Amigos National Rehab. in Downey Cal. Im in Cerritos Ca. The funds that I received from CAF is for $1500.00. Please if anyone know where I can get one of these trikes please let me know. I also would need a Versabar. Thank you in advance for the help given.


  • Hi Derrick, sorry to learn of your stroke. If you ever served in the military, TerraTrike will give you 10% off any new TerraTrike. The Grand Tourismo is relatively new (new last year) and is getting rave reviews. It is unlikely you will find a used one anytime soon. Best of luck and keep moving forward.

  • Thank you Mike
  • Why a Gran Tourismo? You can buy a brand new Rover with that money.
  • Yes, hopefully..if not I'll just have to pay it..????
  • There is a Rambler for sale on the Terra Trike Owners Facebook page. It's a few years old but hardly used. Here's the link:
  • A TT Rambler in Cypress on Craigslist when I just looked in L.A. area. $1500 or $1600. My mind slips away so fast these days
  • It’s $1800. New. 24 speed. Said they paid over $2k for it, assembled at a pro
    bike shop.
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