EVO Components

Riding my Terra Trike Rambler EVO with less than 20 miles on it, I was hit by a food truck. Insurance wrote it off and is replacing it. I am left with a complete working EVO system, the only damage is a scuff mark on the battery case. If someone is interested in an electric assist and can find a Terra Trike Dealer to install it I am sure we could come to a mutually beneficial arrangement. Because of restrictions on battery shipments it would well if any potential buyes be near Michigan.


  • Are you (the rider) okay?

    ¬ ITL
  • @lenziggy, So sorry to here about your recent misfortune. I sure hope you were not seriously injured.

    I live in East Lansing, Michigan, and would love to get your EVO system for my wife's TerraTrike. Are you going to RiderFest this weekend, because I am. Please give me a call at your earliest convenience - Five 17- Seven 21 - ten sixteen.

    Mike, aka TrikeBirder
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