Type of steel? in a teardrop flag.

Been searching online to find out what exactly is used inside teardrop flags. I have two collapsible window shades, and a Photofles photography reflector that has this inside the edge. I am wondering is it a thin strip of steel or another material. I want to add one to my Finland flag or the next generation
Finnish flag. Thanks for any input.


  • You should have inspected mine at Riderfest. I don't know that there is any metal in the flag or the pole.
  • I bought a pair of $7 window ‘shades’ at da Wunnerful World of Wally this am. They have a thin strip of steel inside to pop them open. I bet I could never find a pair of small pieces online for that. Hoping for a mid summer markdown but didn’t see any sales. These should work on my next generation FinnFlag.
  • No metal in the flag. It just flaps in the wind. The reclined position of the flag pole helps the flag remain unfurled and the unique shape works along with this as well.
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