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My name is Tim, I still do not yet own a recumbent trike, (but intend to in the near future), have only test ridden one trike (Rambler) for a short distance, and I'm already an addict. I'll go ahead now and apologize in case this post gets to long for you, but finally I am excited again about the pedaling sports.

My wife and I live in SW Florida and we used to ride diamond frames a lot, but work and life in general took away our time to do that, so it's been almost 20 years now of not riding. As we approach our retirement time, we want very much to get back into riding so that when we do retire next summer, we'll be ready for year round day (and overnight) trips all over this state and as many others as possible. I picked up an very nice older Trek cruiser last year for her I also got an old cruiser for me. At first we went on nice rides in different parks, but after a while, instead of getting easier to got worse. It stopped being comfortable for me to ride, so I didn't go out much. My wife, however, recently started trying to ride every day, and I even started taking her to parks to ride while I'd sit and read. I noticed her enjoying it more and more, and also saw that she was ready to get something with some gears because she was pushing that old cruiser to its limits.

She just got an early birthday present to herself, a new DF comfort bike and loves it. Due to my wayward youth(?) I have enough aches and pains now days to make a DF not really the best of ideas. Add a pinched nerve in lower back, a ruptured disk in the neck (that will never heal), a hernia, knees that since middle school were prone to injury and did I mention aches and pains? Most of these things are beyond the "no pain, no gain" concept, because if I irritate them too much, they don't improve, they just get worse. That is something that can take me out of the game all together, so I'm trying to avoid that. Considering all of that and I think a recumbent trike is the ticket for me if I want to be able to again start sharing in pedaling adventures, which is our ultimate aim.

I can still ride a cruiser, but after a while my neck, wrists and knees start to hurt. I was ready to get a nice comfort bike, but then started realistically looking into future scenarios where a DF for me would have a limited life-span. What am I do to so that I can again ride happily with my wife? Then I accidentally discovered recumbent trikes and started researching them on YouTube, because nobody around here has ever heard of them. I went to another, bigger town yesterday and I test road the Rambler. Physically it was nothing short of pure joy to ride and pedal something but not experience discomfort (or pain). Ha! That's not to mention the rush of driving something that felt kind of like a go-cart. They had a Rover in stock, but it was sold the day before and not for test rides. They rolled a Rambler out back and I rode it around the parking area. I'm sure if anyone would have videoed it, I would have been wearing an ear to ear grin. Who'd of ever thought I would enjoy riding a trike?

Anyway, after only one short ride, I am hooked! Of course, leave it to me to find something I really like to do but that costs an arm and a leg, ha ha. I am checking the classified and calling bike shops, but they never seem to get used ones that last more than a day or two. I'm also checking Craig's list, and have found some likely suspects. I'm thinking that for what I want to do with it, a Rover would be fine. I'm not really into speed anymore. We got some more horses about 10 or 12 years ago and I realized that I no longer needed (or wanted) to ride a fast horse anymore. I think the same idea will apply here. I don't bounce or heal as fast as I used to..............

Thanks for putting up with my long post, but just remember back to when you first rode one of these trikes and the euphoria you experienced. Well, that's me now. :)


  • Florida is the mecca for trikes. Don't be afraid to drive a little way to see other trikes and you might just find exactly what you want.
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    Yes Eagle, there are soooo many bike trails around Florida, you could probably stay busy on them for years! And, I certainly don't mind driving to find what I want!
  • TimC - Like you I biked from grade school kid, thru high school, thru collage, and into adult life until my mid-40's. First a single speed DF; then a 10-speed DF. I still have the 10-speed. Then life and work got in the way of riding.
    Last year I had my knees replaced, and the rehab ladies asked if I exercised. Even though I had many activities, hobbies,etc.; the short answer was no I did not. I began thinking about riding the bike again, but did not look forward to the sore butt, wrists, arms, shoulder, and neck. That's when I started looking into recumbents.
    I found a local bike shop that sold recumbents; one being the TerraTrike brand. I test rode the Rambler with the 8-speed internal gear hub. I knew immediately I would enjoy a recumbent trike.
    I decided on the TT Traveler w/24-speed derailleur system. The 8-speed didn't have enough top end for the riding I would do. A friend who owns a 8-speed Traveler found it to be too slow, so he had a 24-inch wheel put on the rear to gain some speed. Just something to think about. It would be nice if you could find others in your area that ride trikes. Maybe the bike shop could connect you with owners.
    Good luck.
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    Hi Ron, I'm hoping the salesman that sold my wife's DF to us and is trying to sell me a trike will be able to hook me up with some people. In our small town I've only seen one guy riding a recumbent bike, and nobody ever riding a recumbent trike.
    I think I'll try checking on Facebook for clubs in this area to see if they have any members with trikes.
  • TimC, go to the South Florida Recumbent Riders page on Facebook and get help from them trying different trikes and looking for a used one. There are a few members in the Ft Myers area. I used to live in Naples and used Paradise Cycles as my lbs. Unfortunately, the Ft Myers store seldom has many trikes in stock. There is a classified page on here and on the Bentrider website. Even if you buy a used trike, you still have to get it looked over and you will probably make mods. A $1200 new Rover may be a better option.
  • Lifetime warranty on new TT’s. Some
    parts of it anyway.
  • Finn59 wrote: »
    Lifetime warranty on new TT’s. Some
    parts of it anyway.

    Lifetime warranty sounds good to me! There's a LBS 25 or 30 miles away from here that sells TT. That's where I test rode the Rambler, but they also had a Rover on the floor (a 8 internal, at $1499).
    I did get a line on a Rover for under $700. It's silver, has Nexus set and locking brakes, so it's at least a 2014 or later.
  • Mine is a silver locking Nexus hub and is a 2013. Have Corp my serial number and they emailed a 2013. I’m the 3rd owner. Paid $850 last spring.
  • Finn59 wrote: »
    Mine is a silver locking Nexus hub and is a 2013. Have Corp my serial number and they emailed a 2013. I’m the 3rd owner. Paid $850 last spring.

    Ah ha! This is the reason not to put total faith in Youtube, and is the reason I came to this forum. You guys and girls here have been doing this for a while, and know better than I do. I stand corrected, so this could be at least a 2013. I also forgot to mention it has the round cross-tubes.
  • Yup. Love those as well. My wife’s blue 2016 model has them also. Gives the impression of a stronger frame. For
    me anyways.
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