New Rover x8 owner, heavyset. Need some opinions/help

I got my new Rover x8 to keep up with my eight year old who loves riding a bike. I rode everywhere as a kid, but in my early to middle adult years let myself weight wise get up to a whopping 350. I went with the rover and a trike because I have a bike I purchased 10 years ago when my oldest children were growing up but they refused to ride their bikes, and mine sat there. Once my daughter started riding a bike I needed to keep up with her but was causing myself some serious pain in the butt that was having me limp everywhere.

I've gotten the rover and took it out for my first drive around the neighborhood and I'm having a couple of issues.

First, and the kinda frustrating one is on a hill climb in low gear, I end up pushing my seat back. No matter how tight I try and make that lever, when I get up hill in low gear and really push my legs are strong enough to shove the seat back until I can't reach the pedals any more and I have to stop and wallow off the trike. Any tips to lock that seat down better or any options out there? one time the push was so strong I shaved some paint off when the seat slid.

The other is the width of the trike is pretty tight. my thighs are banging on the steering handles and I can't 'squeeze' any tighter width wise right now while I'm riding. I think both of these problems will go away as I stay consistent with my riding but early on they're going to be annoying. The 'wider' handles I see in the accessory section will those even help? an inch or two would be good but that's a lot of money to spend on handles.

The last issue for me is the tires. I live in a cul-de-sac and was doing circles in the oval getting the hang of the riding. I think I'm almost rolling the tires off as I turn at a mild speed. Again, weight related but I was hoping with this rated at 400 pounds it might handle some of that. Do I need wider tires than the ones that came with it?

Thanks for humoring me. This is really hard for me to ask help on figured I'd do it here than try and speak to someone in a store. It's amazing to me believe it or not as you slowly get heavy over twenty years in life you don't tend to see it until you try to do something you did as a kid and your body doesn't respond like you expect. The days of me screaming around on my raleigh pursuit are way behind me, I'd like to get halfway there again at least.


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    I can identify with you on the weight thing. I let myself get up to about 295 now and this is the worst I've ever been. There are many things I try to do now that came naturally when I was younger, but now can seem life threatening, lol. I have been learning the hard way that I don't heal or bounce like I used to.
    No kids around now but my wife has started riding a bicycle again, and I want to join in the fun for exercise, weight loss and adventure. My old bike now looks to me like a machine of death, so I'm also looking at trikes, and the Rover is looking pretty good to me.
    I have seen on YouTube that another guy was having the same problem with his seat slipping back, and at times he was having to stop every mile or so just to re-position and tighten the seat. It seems to affect both the older as well as the newer models. He wound-up suing a strip of inner-tube rubber and a hose clamp to lock it into place. I couldn't find any place where he came back with results on it it worked or not.
    Any TerraTrike mechanics out there who can chime in on this?
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    Been there.

    You'll want to get a pair of square U bolts that fit across the boom. 2 inch ones iirc. Had picked up a pair of straight extenders, bolts, nuts & lock washer or nyloks per U bolt. Between the extenders I put leather material in between to keep from marring the paint. An 1/8" dense rubber material would work.

    Once getting the seat adjusted (knees should be above the axles) put a squared U bolt assembly before and aft. That keeps the seat from moving one way or the other, least it does for me.

    Next for handle bars you'll want to get these Wide Handlebars from TT:

    You might want to grease the bushings while you're replacing these handlebars. Makes for easier steering and maneuverability.

    If you're adjusting your seat a lot, or want to make it easier, these Locking Safety Pins work wonders!

    And I inflate to maximum PSI/Bars as the tires could handle for my weight. Schwalbe Road Cruisers came stock with mine and were inflated to 60 PSI. However I upgraded to Schwalbe Marathon Plus with Slime tubes due to the amount of goat heads we have in this region.
    One can sign up for email updated from BikeTiresDirect dot Com and can sometimes get sales on tires.
    With the Marathon Plus I keep them inflated to 70 PSI, although can do okay at 60 PSI. Is good to have a portable pump & pressure gauge to carry with you. Get a seat bag at least to carry some tools with you, or get a rack & pack.

    All sorts of goodies can be had from TerraTrike:

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  • Some use hose clamps instead of squared U bolts.

    I did not want to mar up the paint as that would allow rust to set in.

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  • Rover with Wide Handlebars, Versa Bars, and a Mirror. Ended up putting one on the other side later on.

    2nd Year

    3rd Year - Current

    The seat cushion keeps the ends of the seat bars from poking the back of the legs. :)

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  • Welcome! As a male, you will probably lose the weight in no time. No so for most women.

    Everything these guys told you will work very well. But, go to the hardware store and get thing pads of rubber and put them under the U bolts to protect the frame. They work very, very well.

    I just saw a seat in the "as seen on TV" section of Walmart that is honeycomb rubber for extra cushion. I didn't buy one because I couldn't find a price. But, it looked like it would be very comfortable.
  • Also, if the tires are wearing or nearly "coming off" on turns - check the wheel alignment. They say to sit in it and have the distance between the tires measured, once in front of the tires and once in back. With weight on the trike, you should see perhaps a 1/16th" to 1/8th" closer in front (toe-in).
    Since I can't physically be in 2 places at once, I just set mine for dead equal and let my sitting in the seat bring the toe-in needed. I hope.

    TT has videos for how to do all of this maintenance on their site - you don't have to rely on verbal descriptions from us.
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