Insuring My EVO

My homeowners insurance company, Nationwide has advised that the EVO is covered under homeowners if stolen from home, but I have no theft coverage or accident "damage" coverage when out for a ride. Has anyone else heard this, or is "my guy" trying to sell me something I don't need. My wife has an e-bike and we ride together so pretty important issue. Has anyone purchased a separate policy for their EVO or e-assist bike?


  • Similar to a policy for jewelry or cameras or other personal property that you take away from the home.
    Example : My wife has a policy to cover her jewelry. Two years ago her diamond ring was lost or stolen while on vacation, we cannot for sure figure out what happened. Insurance cover full appraisal price.
    You can get a similar policy for your trike or all your bikes and trikes. Best to do when new and you have the actual cost.

    Homeowners covers it when it is in your home on your property only.
  • And remember, most people carry a $500-$1000 deductible with their homeowners insurance. For less than $25 per $1000 (probably FAR less) you can get a separate rider on your policy to schedule items like your trike (and like TCEd's example above) you can get a zero deductible 100% new replacement coverage on your trike. I have one that covers my camera equipment, trike, and high-end spotting scope. This policy covers theft, any/all damage, fire, floods, everything, and I pay $18 per $1000 value.
  • I should do that also. I'm not sure if my flood or hurricane coverage include the trike. I may have to put it on the rack and take it with me if I evacuate.
  • We already have items scheduled so I'll just add them to that list. Thanks!
  • Take a look at Velosurance. Organized by cyclists.
  • Tried adding the e-bikes to the scheduled list and premium was going to go up $600 annually, so passed.
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