Sounds Silly But.....

I keep seeing something referred to as a "tadpole".
What is a a tadpole?Other than a baby frog...In the recumbent trike world,I mean.
Does it mean the layout of the wheels; two in front and one in the rear? I DID notice it DOES look like a tadpole, big head little tail.
Just curios, thanks all!


  • The way it goes down the road especially if you mash the pedals it sways from side to side.
  • Yes SteveR, it is primarily because two wheels up front and one in the back resembles a tadpole. And TCEd is accurate with his description of mashing causing the trike to sway side to side, again resembling a living tadpole. Trikes with one wheel up front and two in the back are referred to as delta trikes.
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